Caribbean Experience

By Laird and Lady Welham

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Monday 16TH  January 06

We started our Caribbean experience by going to bed early- 4pm actually with the car full of petrol our bags packed and all ready - we think -hope - got to be really - to late now


Tuesday 17th  January

Ashley Inn St Lucia

Travelled from London Gatwick ( Temperature 3c) to St Lucia - Caribbean (Temperature 27c)

Pictures of the Day

Travelled through the night starting a 2 am and arrived at Gatwick 7.00am and booked in. We then made our way to the posh lounge and had free drinks. The flight was 30 mines late but no worries. The flight was Vs031 and we watched movies and slept all the way through the 8hrs and 15mins. We arrived at an airport in a Boeing 747 that looked like Norwich Airport. We got coned on arrival with the trolley man and made our way to the taxi sent by Olivia at Ashley inn. Mathew the driver took us to the Hotel via his Friends house and Auntie (who looked rather young) as well as delivering goods on the way. It started to rain but Mathew said it didn’t rain it was the dry season. He also told us that we would be staying with the snakes at the Fox Grove. It took approx 2 hrs drive Olivia greeted us and made some supper of tuna fish and salad. Then we slept a full 12 hrs the room was very basic the new kitchen cabinets next to the bed had just been painted where you could see. However, it was clean. I said to Olivia we liked the bedroom with the balcony so I could listen to the birds she just laughed and said there not birds they're crickets. They were very noisy all night and every night must be the size of a cat.


 Wednesday 18th January

Pictures of the Day

We caught the bus they are like taxis only have a green number plate and charge 3 EC. The red plates are the taxi drivers and they know how to charge. We went to Rodney Bay and sat in  the bar at Scuttlebutts at the Rodney bay Marina, Gus the manager made us some amazing cocktails creamy pina colada strawberry and a BBC Baileys and Banana the a free drink and later with a BLT we had a fruit juice. We met A girl from Hawaii with her ex military American friend who were sailing in the Caribbean. She was good fun and wanted a drink like ours. We sat on the swings a relaxed the Caribbean way. I had a go on the hammock and didn’t fall out. We walked up the road and made our way to the beach, found some coral. We walked back to the bus route through a poor part of St Lucia and caught the bus but went passed our stop.  Which wasn’t too bad because we managed to get some shopping including some Christopien look like a prickly pear. We got a taxi back (20EC) to the Hotel had cheese and bread and crashed

Thursday 19th January

Pictures of the Day

We thought we would have a look at Castries to day and sus out the port for sailing to morrow. We got the bus which took us to the terminal in town and we walk a short distance to the port through the market place where they sell goods to the people off the cruise ships…that will be us to morrow. We went to Derek Walcott's square he was a renowned poet, took some pictures and talked to some American jobos who had a problem understanding the Buddhist way…. We went back to town and got a water taxi to the other side of the harbour for free. We ate chicken from a stall which was OK but the tiger malt drink was horrible. There we met a taxi driver who said he would take us to the beach but first he had to pick up his girlfriend from work. He told us about his job and how much he had to pay his boss before he got his money. We went off with girlfriend and all to pigeon bay. On the way we met up with the Hawaiian girl and chap they got on our bus. S he was pleased to show me her new half price purchases. We gave E the driver 20EC for his trouble as he had taken us a long way and we had our first bathe in the lovely crystal clear turquoise Caribbean sea. We walked back along the beach which took us through the Sandal resort Grande very nice we saw a wedding and listened to the steel band as usual they wanted us to buy their CD but we were not falling for that old chestnut. We had quite a long walk back to the bus route but on the way Rog spotted a walking stick which I used for the walk and hopefully will still have it when I get back. We had chicken legs and veg that night and crashed again. There was a big rain storm during the night which nearly woke us up!!!!

 Friday 20th January

Leave St Lucia and Embark on the Good ship

 Easy Cruise One

Pictures of the Day

We packed our back packs ready for the cruise in the morning and waited for the taxi. Before we left I made the root veggies for lunch we had dashin, yam, and christopien with some cheese, that was interesting. Olivia came into town with us and we were dropped off at the entrance to the port. We passed all the expensive duty free shops and made our way to the ship, which looked a little bit lost among the big cruise liners. There she was all orange and cute. Up the gang plank we went and in to reception, we had to wait a little while before we got our plastic card (security and door key Cabin 321 (Dusty Bin-Reception Said)) so we had a look around the boat and had a drink. Our room was very basic single beds but a bit bigger than the other ones because it’s the disabled cabin with a big shower. Our first mistake was we booked on to the sunset cruise/party all drinks free. It was a cat and Rog nearly broke his neck because it had been raining and the deck was quite slippery -Also it was a bare foot boat. The disco was good and after a couple of rum punches I was dancing like a good’n all night and after 5 drinks each we were well away. However, we had to be taken back to the boat (Rog cannot remember that bit) . We both woke up in very rough seas Rog was first to the bathroom and threw up, I couldn’t move. Later I had to go to the loo and as soon as I stood up it hit me so I threw up as well. Not a very good night.

Saturday 21st January

Barbados day 0ne

Pictures of the Day

 We woke up in the afternoon, well that was the way the staff greeted us with big grins, but we were not the only ill people about the rough seas had sorted several people out. We made our way on shore slowly and really didn’t feel up to much. Got pestered by loads of taxi drivers and in the end decided that would probably be the safest route so we chose the oldest taxi driver there he had a long white beard and was called Neville (father Christmas). We knew we had made another error when he crashed in to the kerb, saying ”ye I know” after wards. He gave us a good tour we saw the oldest church got our and had a look. When we got back to the car we sat and watch Neville put the car in drive, didn’t go tried again and again Neville was looking a little bit concerned. I didn’t quite know how to tell him so I said “you know what I can’t hear the engine”. We started to move after he switched the engine on, away we went to Harrison's Cave through the lovely Barbados country side. The cave was awesome (as they say) we didn’t even have to walk it was all done on a train.

I wanted to see the Green Monkeys but it had been raining so Neville didn’t think they would be about. He went by one of their favourite haunts the sweet potato fields but they were not there. He said they didn’t like to get their little hands dirty. Rog saw one up a tree and Neville stopped regardless of the traffic to try and find him but he had gone. Well after going through two red lights, slowly, and a few close misses we arrived back at the boat via the town centre Bridgetown everywhere was closed because it was a bank holiday but an old Rasta man poked his head through the window and asked Neville for some money Neville replied with “ you should have seen me this morning I had loads of money but I gave it all away”. On the boat we had lunch in the sports bar…. The end of a lovely day, crawled to bed.

 Sunday 22nd January

Barbados day two

Pictures of the Day

What to do to day was a problem no where is open on a Sunday we walked into town and went into a KFC for a drink and lunch. We got talking to a security lady and she advised us to take the 12 route bus to see the Island, while we were talking an old tramp came hobbling in she said some thing to him and he left. She told us that he had been shot in the foot by the police and taken to Hospital but he had left the hospital and refused to go back, she thought his foot was infected and he would probably end up losing his leg, poor man

We went to the bus station and tried to be very Caribbean and laid back but after waiting 15 mins we started to get tetchy. We gave in a got on the route 13 bus but the driver said the 12 route was much better so we gave in and got off to wait. It wasn't    long before our bus arrived and we got a full Island Tour for 6EC’s. Passed the big hotels and beaches right to the top of the Island where we got off (At a castle but we couldn't find it) and got the bus back to Browns beach( which is just a short walk away from the port). Long sandy beach everyone was there with the kids swimming and laughing with music playing. We went into the Barbados sea and had a wonderful swim but we had to go one at a time because we didn’t want to leave all our bags alone on the beach, but it was still good.

We walked back to the boat and got stopped by raster with some paintings they were quite cheap and I wanted one, after my usual faffing about Rog was getting annoyed I ended up giving him a five pound note, but it nearly spoilt our day. We had dinner on the boat and went to bed but this time I had a sea sickness pill and a good job to because the cruise from Barbados to St Vincent was the worst Roger has ever been on. We were lifted of the bed things were falling about around us passengers were throwing up. Rog had to go to the loo and he launched himself to get there on the way back to his bed he launched himself again just as the boat lurched and he was left in mid air

 Monday 23rd January

St Vincent

Pictures of the Day

 St Vincent we got us early to take a look at the rough sea and were lucky enough to spot a Dolphin playing. in the bow wave of the boat what a fabulous sight. We hope to see more but we did get to see lots of flying fish, they look like little birds skimming the water.

We had booked our selves on the Kayak and snorkelling trip which took us around the set of the Disney film Pirates of the Caribbean unfortunately Johnny had been and gone. It was quite a paddle and when we reached the beach we hit a rock and got thrown on to the beach like a couple of whales. The sand was a sparkling black and I went to the rock snorkelling and saw some sea anatomies and fish. I really liked it Roger saw some angel type fish I had a quick look before we had to go. So off we went in the kayak left right left right all the way right up to the beach and guess what there we where beached again. All wet and salty we had some thing to drink and dried off a bit before we drove home. The driver was quite good he told us quite a lot about the Island just funny little things like the girls have to wear skirts just below the knee or they are not allowed to school if the skirt is shorter. Any one found pestering or being violent to a tourist will get their arse kicked by everyone because they are giving the Village, town, Island a bad name. Everyone was friendly and waved to us made us welcome. We got back to the boat showered and went out looking for an Internet café to plug into for the orders (we have been having problems with the gps). Roger had the heavy bag with the laptop in and it pored down so we were trapped in the port entrance shopping area. for ages. At last it started to ease off. Taxi drivers asked us if we wanted a ride and we said no because we had been pestered so much in Barbados by the taxi drivers. One felt so sorry for us he asked us if we just wanted a lift but we still refused just in case he tried to charge us loads of dollars. It was a more relaxed atmosphere in St Vincent's we found an Internet café but we were not able to plug in so we just checked our emails and sent a few. We walked for a while and then went back to the boat for the evening meal. Crashed again but a much smother trip to Martinique. 

Tuesday 24th January


Pictures of the Day

We arrived to a lovely welcome at Martinique on the quay was a band and two girls dressed in national costume came to meet us with the head of tourism. The camera crew where there to take pictures and they filmed Roger asking questions about Martinique. It is a part of France and is built up quite a lot the people are very chic compared to the other Islands including the UK. The dress shops are lovely and the clothes are cheap unfortunately not cheap enough for us although I did try on some dresses but they didn’t suit. We found an Internet café, which we could use the wireless network after some time and a little hair pulling we managed to get connected. Yes we had orders to sort . The only other problem was that the battery was about to go and we could not connect with our three-pin plug and guess what we had left the adapter on board. Just managed to sort out the orders and poof the battery died. Yes we could have curled up into a ball but not us we said sod it and went back to the boat dumped the computer and set out for the rest of the day. We caught the water ferry  from one side of the Island to the other it was a very hot day and we wanted to get to the beach.  We were not sure we were in the right place but we mooched about and found our way to the hotel resorts. The beaches were almost hand made little coves, which made swimming very easy and safe. The hotel residents were very FRENCH and there were a few girls on the beach selling bikini’s with matching sarongs. Every now and then they would disappear and the reappear in a different beach set walk about modelling them and selling at the same time. We swam and just relaxed until the sun started to go down. So we went exploring along the beach where we found a very overgrown hotel including ww2 guns still in place as if still waiting for the gunners to return. Then we thought we should get back so we caught the ferry back walked to the boat a different way and had dinner on board and crashed again.

 Wednesday 25th January


Pictures of the Day

 Bequia what a lovely place small Island with few cars lovely people. We wanted to see Brother Kings Turtle sanctuary so we got a taxi no over charging this time nice and easy because there was less pressure we asked how many taxis there were on the island He replied well I don't know but there must be over 200 cars now some rich people even have two. He stopped half way up the hill to give a lady a lift, we heard him say “do you want a lift mother” He took us to the sanctuary and we saw the baby turtles and the older ones that were getting ready to send back to the sea. He has a pet turtle which follows him about like a dog when he goes snorkelling. She’s nine years old and loves to have her shell tickled on the side. We both had a go at tickling her and she did a little dance. We bought a couple of caps, which we wore all day through the hot sun. We went to the beach again and swam in the lovely sea, we had lunch at a beach side café and listened to the music and the musicians manager!!! We just spent the day walking and lazing on the beach. We followed the beach trail slowly to the boat stopping for a swim where Princess Margaret bathed (Princess Margaret Beach). We had to catch a tender here and got back to change for the evening. We had spotted an internet café and went back to plug in we managed to get the orders off all safe for a few more days. We missed the 8 o’clock tender but thought there would be another at 9 no such luck the next one came at 10 so we had quite a lot of time waiting on the jetty, but it was a lovely evening the stars were bright and it was warm. We went to dinner, which was lobster night the lobsters came from Bequia fresh that day and they were dealfishes as they say in Granada our next stop.

Thursday 26th January


Pictures of the Day

 Granada we had booked on the hike and soak tour, which was very good the driver Terry gave us a full tour of the Island we saw some amazing sights of the bush and also the damage left by hurricane Ivan. It had wiped out the nutmeg crops, which take 10 years to establish and a lot of the spice fields, which Granada is famous for. The hike wasn’t too bad I was a little bit worried that it may be too much for us but it wasn’t that far. We got to the waterfall and made our way over the rocks to the pool and had a shower under the fall. It was very invigorating; Rog had the full force of the falls on his head. It was a bit dodgy getting in and out and even to the water but we made it. We had lunch at a local café juice and sandwiches and then made our way back to the boat the long way. Up and down winding roads with greenery on both sides Terry told us about a lot of the trees and plant we even saw a sensitive plant in the wild   you just have to touch it and it folds up. They have monkeys on the Island and mongooses the said they were the only dangerous animals on the Island, introduced to kill the snakes and rats around the sugar cane fields.

We showered and went out for dinner, the harbour is really nice here easy to walk around. We went to the Nutmeg restaurant on the other side of the harbour and had steak and wine and flambé bananas, which were like hot banana in rum toffee. Then back again to the boat for the last time. We will be leaving to morrow when we reach St Lucia where we are going on a horse back ride. Yee Haaa 

Friday 27th January

Easy Cruise to St Lucia (Ashley Inn, Marisula)

Pictures of the Day

 All packed and ready to disembark at St Lucia we saw the Pitons and Marigot Bay, and watched the coast line from the ship. We got our bags to take riding with us, so we could just get dropped off at Courts in Marisule to walk to Ashley Inn. It was a lovely hot day and we felt a little sad at leaving the boat the week had gone so quickly. However, I was pleased to get on dry land again. The mini bus took us, a couple from Cambridge, the two girls from LA and a German couple to trims stables where Kurly was there to meet us. Then he sorted us our some horses for riders none riders big and small. Roger got the biggest horse of all he was magnificent an Arab stallion called Prince. I got Bob a crazy horse that just wanted to get going all the time. Rog was put in the lead with me and Bob behind, bob wanted to over take and kept getting too close to Prince’s bum. Trim said let him go so off we went in the lead and it was great. We both had American saddles and they are just like arm chairs but it’s practically impossible to do a rising trot, so we got bounced about a little. Arriving at the beach we had 2 beers for 15EC rip off time. It was a family affair Kurly with the horses, Kurley’s Mom with the gift shop and his daughter leading the horses into the sea. There were two horses unsaddled ready for the swim, not all the horses like the water. Away I went into the sea and the horse dipped his head right into the water and rolled over, well unlike the cowboys that stay on the back when they get up again I was left flapping about. I was not going to let him get away with that so I managed to get back on this back to the cheers of everyone on shore. We had a splash about and then came out to let everyone else have a go. Rog was last to go and the other horse was free so I asked if we could go in together Rog took control of the roller and went straight into the sea on top of a swimming horse bare back. Kurly tied to take a photo of us together in the sea but failed. Never mind we will have another ride I am sure. We got our selves changed and went back to the horses for our ride back. Rog thought he would have a go at getting on to Prince on his own…big mistake, Prince reared up about four times then Kurly got hold of him and he kicked out luckily missing Rog and catching the bag, he thought the camera had been broken but it was OK. Bob was playing up and wouldn’t go where I wanted him to he just wanted to get back under the tree’s with a bunch of other horses. Kurley lead him for a while and told me he belonged to his fathers stable and the other horses were his mates, he just wanted to go home. Past the distraction we rode down the beach I could feel Bob wanting to go for it but I didn’t so I held him back. Roger  was having to hold back his stallion all the way to the stables, I could see he was ready to just fly. What an exciting and invigorating day, well worth every penny spent at home. The driver dropped us off at Ash Inn and we walked up the hill it was hot and we were tired, plus the  computer bag was very heavy. Olivia gave us a lovely welcome and made us some juice and sandwiches we relaxed on the balcony be cause it was the Friday night jump up and we wanted to rest before we partied. We had heard so much about this street party and I was looking forward to the music and atmosphere. Olivia’s little dog was at home he’s only three months old and someone had taken him and roughed him up as she put it. He had been to the vet’s for two days and she had just got him back, so I went to see him and give him a cuddle, as you do!!

We caught the bus to Gros Islet for the party and walked down the street looking for it, there were some speaker in the middle of the road as big as a truck so after a ramble we stopped for a drink to see what would happen. It took ages for the DJ to get the bass right then  he started and it was loud. People were milling around with their kids and babies, showing them off to everyone. We had some local food I had steamed king fish and Rog had Iambi (conch) it was like a soup and tasted quite nice it was tender anyway not chewy. I was made an angel fish out of a large fern leaf for 1EC and am using it as a bookmark and we got a little doll for Charlotte. After four beers I was feeling a little bit tipsy  we walked and had some Macaroni cheese then not long after we went home. The drink did not do me any good I am thinking about going tea total. Any way we were both a bit disappointed with the part because we thought there was going to be live music and more happy faces, but really it was just another way to get money from the tourists, I bet it used to be good.

Saturday 28th January

Pictures of the Day


 Well we shall both be moving to the Fox Grove to morrow so we spent the day washing after we had been to the shop first thing. It was a lovely day and it didn’t take long for the washing to dry while we relaxed on the balcony. I phoned Mom to wish her a happy birthday it was nice to speak to her Maggie is with them. TV and early bed for us packing in the morning and a decision to make, to hire a car for $60US or get a taxi for $40US

 Sunday 29th January


Ashley Inn - Fox Grove

Pictures of the Day

I had an awful dream last night that the Fox Grove was just shacks with no furniture and a dirt floor.

Got our case all packed an ready and caught the bus to Rodney Bay where we went on the internet to send an order out and check emails. Rog went to the car hire place and hired a little 4 x4 for three days we should see quite a lot of the Island in that time, plus it will make the trip to Esther’s easy. We had to wait for a while because the only hire car they had had been taken home by one of the staff, so we had to wait until she bought it back (The cost was $70 US a day but as this was the only car available we had it cheaper the total for 3 days was $306 US but this included the OPTIONAL insurance of $12 US a day and we had to have a permit).  Rog drove to the hotel and we put all the bags in the back and said our good byes. We looked at the map and chose the long route because we wanted to see the Pitons. Well Olivia had said be careful there are lot’s of corners and she isn’t wrong there. The words kept ringing in Rogers Ears as he drove up and down steep winding roads, with hairpin bends and walls of tarmac. When we first saw the Pitons it took my breath away the scenery was so awesome, amazing utterly beautiful. We took loads of pictures on that route, drove passed the Airport and up the Atlantic side of the Island. Finally arriving 4  1/2 hours later. Esther who is Swiss showed us to our Villa apartment and I gave a sigh of relief it was lovely, big comfortable and well equipped, Two nice bedrooms en suite one with two singles and our room with a double bed.  It didn’t take me long to move in our clothes all hung up in the wardrobe and toiletries out ready for use.

That night we treated our selves to a meal in the Hotel Restaurant it was gorgeous, sitting on the terrace on a warm barmy evening watching the lights in the distance and the glow behind the hill, which kept coming and going. We could hear every one speculating as to what it could be, Denney town lights, the Volcano or the natural glow of the island.  “What is that over there we asked the waitress. “Oh that’s the Prison lights and those over here are the power station”. Well that was an Icebreaker everyone laughed, we were bought back to earth pretty quickly too as a storm blew in we watched as a bank of cloud engulfed us with torrential rain.

Time to go…. To our nice apartment, where we watched some TV (We have cable) and went to bed. It wasn’t easy to sleep that night for the howling wind and the down pours but we managed.

Monday 30th January   

Pictures of the Day

Well the weather was still bad lots of rain and wind, what to do for the day? We had the car so we would drive back to the Pitons and visit the volcano after breakfast, which was very yummy. We had Guava fruit juice, bacon eggs, toast and guava jelly.

Fit for the day we set off to battle the roads in torrential rain a bit like driving up stream going up the hill and down stream the other way. Not much traffic to day and all the locals were inside keeping dry, very wise. The kids still didn’t get out of school though they look really smart in their school uniforms. We drove passed the Volcano the first time and kept going further and further into the rainforest we had all day and wanted to take a look at the natural beauty of the Island. Up and down on potholed roads passed amazing sights of trees and glistening in the rain, hug leaves and ferns. We carried on till the end of the road that met the main road and then made our way back to the Volcano. Thomas was our guide and he told us all about the Volcano it last erupted in 1766 when it was a French colony Soufrier was the capital. Rather than a pyroplastic it was a steam explosion and there was no report of casualties. Soufrier was wiped out. The boiling lava is a weak spot in the earths crust but while it is steaming it is less likely to erupt but if it should stop then the pressure would build up like a pressure cooker and explode. The new Soufrier has been built in the crater caused by the last eruption. We looked at the bubbling crater with the steam and strong smell of bad eggs, it really stunk. The brook that runs around the Volcano can reach temperatures of 300 degrees. Visitors used to walk around the bubbling holes but one year a guide demonstrated by jumping up and down how hollow the crust was, well he went through but managed to survive with major burns to his legs. Now tourists are made to keep there distance by the fencing and the guides.

We drove down the road to visit the botanical gardens and the diamond falls. That was a lovely sight the plants, flowers, birds, trees everything was a delight. We stopped for lunch and had some fun with the birds; a female was intent on keeping all the males away from the crumbs. We walked passed the baths to the falls in the rain to take some pictures it was not a day for swimming or having a bath outside. We asked about private baths and we could bathe together in a private bath that sounded quite nice, but not to day. Home it would be picking up some shopping on the way. Yet another lovely day…

Not so much wind to night we slept better.

Tuesday 31st January

Pictures of the Day

 Still some showers but not that bad, had some porridge picked up some fruit for lunch and set off to explore. We went north this time taking some off the tracks off the main road into banana plantations and little villages. We missed Castries the capital, always a traffic jam there, and travelled South down the Caribbean Sea side we wanted to look out for the Hotel resorts which have been escaping us. Marigot bay looked interesting on the map to we decided to have lunch there. Down a steep hill to the bay we managed to find a parking space just near the construction of what looks like a new hotel. We got on the ferry which took us across the bay to the Oasis Hotel resort, that took about 2 minutes. The bay is crystal clear and spattered with a few sailing boats. The Hotel is on the edge of a nice little beach with a hut full of snorkelling equipment for hire or buy. We would have liked to buy but the prices were far too high as was the food at the Dolittles restaurant, so called because the 1960 something movie with Rex Harrison was made there, you know the one with the push me pull you. Apparently a large pink snail from the set had been living on the beach but had disintegrated through the years and was removed last year. We looked around the shops, as you do and found a beauty shop that cut men’s hair as Rogers hair was looking a little Einstein's  we thought it a good idea to stop. She took a lot of time on his hair singing along to the radio as she snipped and it looks OK. Not to be out done I had a neck massage wonderful, she sang all the way through that too. Well worth the money I wouldn’t mind a full massage next time, if we get to go back. We got the ferry back as we had bought a return ticket!!!.On the crossing we spotted the Big Tango11 a tour catamaran dumping what looked like a bunch of American OAP's into the water about 20 yards from the beach. They were wading through four foot deep water to get out. I think I will give that tour a miss.   The drive home was a relaxed slow drive stopping to look at the views and little shops. We picked up some more bits and Rog drove back in the dark  using his ESP to trace the potholes. The rest of the night we spent relaxing and reading. Lets hope the weather changes tomorrow everyone says it should change soon the rainy season has lasted longer this year, still the Island would not be as green with out it. I think the weather has been playing up all over the world this year.

 Wednesday 1st February

Pictures of the Day

 Last day for the car best get out early and do some shopping to last us for a while. They should be picking the car up at about 12 midday.  Down to Vieux Fort to get some supplies and hopefully some fresh fish. The boats haven’t been going out because of the weather but to day it is fine, nice and hot with blue skies and a few clouds. We wondered round a few shops went to the super market and got the heavy stuff, mainly bottles. Say no more. We then went to the fish market but they only had Barracuda on sale so we waited for the boat to come in and it had a good catch of Tuna. I got a lovely big Tuna which was filleted for us, enough for two greedy meals, can’t get fresher than that.  He cut off the fillets leaving the head, body and tail intact with enough left on for his dinner. Time was getting on so we hurried home to find two people fast a sleep in their car waiting to pick up the hire car. They helped us take the shopping in and we may hire again when we get bore with doing nothing.

Just going to make another Bounty Rum and coke, then it’s down to the pool for a swim this is the life.

 Thursday 2nd February

 After porridge Rog played around with the computer putting this diary on the site and sorting out some pictures. I went on the sun patio and caught some ray’s and read my book, Rog has finished his book and is waiting for mine. After lunch we checked out some emails, irate customers expecting us to be home all the time answering the phone!! Apparently the bt call minder is full and they are going into a panic. I felt like telling them they would just have to wait for their orders as we were having some difficulty finding Internet connections on some of the Caribbean Islands. After faffing about we had a Pina Colada and a Guava juice for Rog, we went for a swim in the pool and got talking to some of the other guests. Rog had over heard in the bar that fresh lobsters were on the way so it looks like we will go over to the restaurant to night.  Lobsters in garlic butter it was delicious.

 Friday 3rd February

Pictures of the Day

 We thought we best get out and about to day so we have decided to go to the Mamiku gardens which is about ½ hour walk. First we went for a swim sun bathe and had lunch. It was a lovely day with a nice cool breeze; at the gate there was a selection of wooden sticks to borrow for the walk around the gardens. We met a couple of people that were staying at the Fox Grove and they stopped and talked for a while. They are archaeologists working on a dig at the gardens, where the old plantation house used to stand in 1780’s. Some how we got talked into helping them one day next week, that was before we found out that the house was right on the top of the hill. As we were making our way up to the top a hiking tour came past us mainly British all over the age of 60 and fitter than us we couldn’t keep up. The view from the top of Praslin Bay was spectacular we made our way down the other side of the hill down winding paths covered in leaves. Stopping at the café for a drink and rest we played with the little birds again and got our first look at the Islands famous green lizard. We walk around all the gardens and made our way up to Grandpa’s house where we could see the Fox Grove in the distance. When we had arrived we were given a list of the different plants all numbered and we made our way through the list, but most of the native plants were not listed. We must have wondered around the gardens for hours and left at closing time. On the way home we met up with some children and we took some pictures. There goes another day it is going far too quickly.

 Saturday 4th February

 To night is the seafood fiesta in Dennery we are hoping to catch the bus this afternoon and hopefully get some fresh veg and fruit. The bus driver almost drove passed and we had to walk down to the Village from the main road but it was a nice walk and we didn’t mind. We had our first taste of fresh of the tree coconut milk; it tasted more like a fruit juice. Then we walked along the cliff for a little while and watched the small fishing boats come home in a most extraordinary way, they catch the waves and come in like huge surfboard running straight for the dock. We went down to see what the main catch was they had Dorado’s which they call Dolphin and King fish. The woman at the local bar owns a boat and she said it was the big fish season; they made seasons to stop any over fishing. She had lost her husband when their daughter was just 4 years old and she had worked hard to keep her in school. She was very proud of her she had won some awards for her school work and was a Castries Comprehensive, one of the few in the village that that got grades high enough to go there. We had noticed that they were building quite good sea defences but she said the last time they were flooded the water came from in land. It wasn’t time for the fiesta yet everyone was setting up the stalls so we walked down to the shore and sat on the sea defence rocks and watched the waves. Lot’s of children came round wanting to have their pictures taken and asking for some money to buy biscuits so we all went off to the local shop and bought some biscuits for them.

At last we could smell the fish cooking so we picked our stall and had King fish and bread and watch the DJ set up his gear we recognized the big speakers from the Friday night jump up so we knew what to expect. So we moved back under the cover of the beer  stall and watched the girls dance over a Piton beer. Then the heavens opened the wind lashing the rain into the stalls, down came the blue tarpaulin to keep the rain out and we waited for it to subside. Up went the tarpaulin and we all sang along to “I can see clearly now the rain has gone”. It was getting late and we didn’t have any transport so we started to walk up to the main road for the bus, but they don’t run very frequently at night the bus stop running when the drivers reach there income target for the day so more stop about 5pm. A car stopped and asked if we wanted a lift and we could give him what ever we wanted to for the fare, we declined. Then another car stopped a man and a young lady, he said he was a police sergeant and told us to stay where we were he would be back and give us a lift to the Fox Grove.  We were having second thoughts about getting in the car but it looked like a long walk. When they came back we got in and he told us about his work and what he would like to do. He had got himself a green card so he may go to the USA for a while but he said he couldn’t stay away from St Lucia for long. When we got to the hotel we asked them in for a drink and they accepted. Mark and Sarah came with us to the bar and Franz, Esther and some of the staff came forward and shook his hand. They looked a little concerned I think they may have thought we had been arrested. Mark showed us the green card he had and his police card, Rog was pleased to see he had the same blood group A positive, such a strange coincidence. It’s always good to get in with the local police!!!!.The worry being why an off duty police sergeant should think two old people were in enough danger at 8.30pm at night to be taken home.

 Sunday 5th February

Pictures of the Day

 We did nothing…..lazed about all day after our swim   . We found the smallest gecko in the world, about 1 inch long and Rog named him Art.

We had dinner in the Restaurant Garlic soup and Pork with Apple and Brandy.

 Monday 6th February

Pictures of the Day

A little bit windy and wet to day no swims this morning a bit too cold. I might get the video camera out and film some of the birds.  We had some fresh orange juice and it was lovely.  We went for a walk in the afternoon around Mon Repos a small village mainly up hill and down again. We watched the children play cricket for a while stopped for a cold drink and walked on until we met the main road then wondered back to the hotel. We came back shattered and spent the night with an English couple now living in Canada. We had quite a few drinks, laughs and dinner with them. We are meeting them in the morning they are going to give us a lift to Vieux Fort to get some shopping and he knows some one who rents cars at a reasonable price.

 Tuesday 7th February


We got up early to meet Ed and Joy and they took us into town. We will wait for a phone call about the car we are not sure how long to hire it for. We went to the super market a bought some bits and they showed us a few places where we could buy meat and booze. We stopped at the Reef Café and had a drink and watch the people and talked. When we got back they came in for a few more drinks and that afternoon Rog and I flaked out we got up at 3.30 and went for a swim. There is quite a large group staying at the Hotel The Explorer Group so we couldn’t get our usual places at the poolside. We will have to get up early and put our towels on the seats!!!! We had only been there for an hour when the weather changed we made it back in time before the heavens opened. Rog did put out a polite warning to everyone but they just ignored him so it was fun watching the Explorers dive for shelter. I will try and take a video when the rain comes. It passes over like a sheet, it can be seen in the distance and it moves very quickly.

 Wednesday 8th February

Pictures of the Day

Quite a stormy day it was raining hard with high winds.  We had some fresh orange juice and it was lovely.  We sat and finished our books lazed about so much this nearly turned into a Ground Hog Day (thanks Sianie). I think to day must be one of the laziest….no no tomorrow looks like it could win.

 Thursday 9th February

While we are here we get up between 6.30am and 7am when it gets light (and the creatures wakeup) and bed about 10pm - 12mn but home before it gets dark at 6pm there are no street lights - road lights or markings

  Sun, Swim, Sustenance and sleep

  Friday 10th February

Pictures of the Day


Early start for a hike in the rain forest, we had to walk up the hill and meet the tour bus. So away we went feeling shattered before we started, I had my Rasta man stick and Rog was all set with walking boots and hiking stick. I was wishing I had bought my walking boots but this will probably be the only time I would wear them.

The bus pulled up and Heidi let us in we gave the usual good morning to every one and took our places at the back of the bus. We sat behind a Dutch couple and next to an English, English couple they were from the Rex hotel and they told us it was a good hotel but a bit tiered. I think the other people came from the Sandals resort; they were all wearing little bracelets just in case they got lost. One bloke said he thought we had just come out of the rain forest, in away we had. The walk began with a drink of water toilet and lot’s of steps. We had just missed the guide so Heidi took us up to the first stage hopping to meet him; she was relieved that we did. Justin was an older man very healthy and fit as he walked up into the Forest we were panting as he gracefully stopped to point out different trees and flowers and to tell us about the wild life. One of the trees was oozing a white powder which is used for incense the smell was hypnotic, I want one of those trees.  We noticed the Dutch bloke kept some of it to sniff on the way. We had walked for may be an hour and the path was quite rough we were glad of our walking sticks and the insect repellent Maggie got us. We got to a viewing station where if we were lucky we would see the Green Parrot the national bird of St Lucia. Everyone waited with out any luck so we started to move off. We were last due to lack of stamina and the Dutch couple lagged behind because they wanted their pictures taken with everything. That was when we saw them two parrots flying I could see the bright red chests they are such big birds bigger than the beautiful broad wing Hawks I watch every day from the balcony. It was wonderful to see something so amazing in the wild. So being slow and decrepit does have its advantages!!!!  We saw vines that completely take over the trees they strangle the host and replace them with there own version, looking up at the canopy we could see the fronds of the palm tree but they didn’t belong to this tree they had long gone as it takes about 100 years for them to completely replace the tree with a twisted copy. We would like to take the walk on our own so we could stop and rest and look when we wanted to, so we may go back but I am not sure because Justin apologized for the lack of wild life on our walk, Boa constrictors and Tarantula’s and a deadly snake which gives only seven hour to get the anti venom so on that note we all piled back into the bus and made our way back to the Fox Grove for lunch, which was not included in our price for the tour!  However, Franz had already cooked for us so we tucked into chicken curry rice beans salad, we went up for seconds with the Dutch couple while everyone else left a small bit on their plates for the fairies.  Then we had dessert cheese cake, crème bro something and ice cream. We felt like going to sleep but Esther sorted out a couple of noodles for us so we could just float in the pool. So we did that all afternoon, it was a good laugh. Ed and Joy were at the pool and we had a great time.  Home for dinner, telly and bed.

 Saturday 11th February


We said goodbye to Ed and Joy they were about to make the journey home and had heard they were heading into a storm. I hope the journey isn’t too bad for them, we hope to keep in touch.

What a lovely lazy day. We found out this morning that the site was down panicked for an hour trying to contact the hosts. Then said sod it and had a sun bathe lunch and a gorgeous day….. Will check out the site to morrow. Why do to day what you can put off for to morrow.


Sunday 12th February


Has it really been two weeks since we arrived here (The foxgrove mad kids), I want to rent the apartment forever well maybe not for the Hurricane season and summer season when it’s so hot you could fry an egg on the bonnet of the car?

What to do hire a car not hire a car, after much persuasion Roger got me to phone up some car hire places. Poor old Rog cannot hear what people are saying on the phone…yea right. Anyway there I go little voice on the phone asking for all the different rates, when Franz came out of the kitchen and sorted us out a Suzuki Nomad V6 with blacked out windows and a local registration no rental marks. Well I think the owner must us it as a passion wagon because Rog gets all the girls waving at him. Well we had to take it out for a spin so we checked out all the hotels Sandals and Papillion where we will be staying with Theresa. We managed to get into Sandals with a bodyguard, well he didn’t actually have a body of a guard, one puff of wind and he would have fell over but his hat would have saved him. He introduced us to Eugene 7foot tall and just as wide; he will be Paul and Nik’s driver from their room to the pool this place is BIG and classy with all its coloured marble. We then went over to the Rex to see what it was like, the three hotels are together so you can move about between them, right on the beach but why do all the people there look browner than me????   A bit quiet we will soon fix that….. Back to the Fox Grove and dinner I had Red Snapper and Rog had the seafood platter, very nice…..


Monday 13th February

Pictures of the Day


Site is still busted Paul has had a word with them and hopefully it will be back on line again soon one day in the near future maybe maybe not who knows am I losing it. Anyway stressed for almost two minutes but I am better know so have car will travel. We decided to take a trip to Viex Fort to go sea bathing and sunbathing on the way we saw a sign for the Latille waterfalls and thought we would take a look. It was lovely we had the place to ourselves just one other car but owner not in sight so we walked to the falls and juiced about. Really being silly and walking in places we shouldn’t playing Tarzan and Jane. We mooched back to the car via the gardens and said hello to a donkey and a couple of pups. Saw the Bar/Hut which has several bit of Raserfarian stuff.  When we got back to car we couldn’t leave because the other car was parked in front of the gate so we shouted hello a few times and a Rasta man called Sky appeared and we talked to him for a while mainly about the St Lucian economy and the state of the agriculture as we had just heard about the new EU regulation. These reg’s will/could put an end to the banana sales and yet again leave them without a viable crop for sale. This does piss me off as this will be the third time they have had to change their way of life at the whim of other countries. I love this place and the proud people I hope they can find another crop and not have to rely on the holiday trade. Sky said it was there own fault as the aid given to them had been wasted on corruption and bad ideas. A really liked this little area in fact the whole Atlantic side of the Island has been better than I had expected it to be.  He owned the land and had quite a good veg plot going, which he sold locally; we may be eating some of his produce to morrow at the Valentines dinner. We moved on and saw a sign almost worn away by the weather for the Mankote Mangrove and beach so we went for it. Talk about off road in huge pot holes and puddles 2ft deep and 12ft wide, we wondered if we would get anywhere the car was bouncing about all over the place we saw orange butterflies as big as you hand. At last we saw the sea and made our way towards it. We could smell the seaweed and we got out of the car for a walk, with a sigh of relief. The road was so bad we decided to go on in the hopes of finding a good way out. I took the wheel for a little go along the beach side. The track was blocked at one point with a fallen tree so we had to detour through the palm trees. We thought we could see people on the beach that gave us hope. When we got closer we found a school bus and loads of kids on the beach out for the day on a school trip. There was no other way out they had drove the bus down the same track as us, so we had to go back the same way but this time I drove and it was great fun, well if a school bus can do it!!!!

Back on the main road we toot led Balembouche Estate to Laborie cheating a bit we went to Playe which is in the middle of the trail,. Nice beach but they were building houses quite close so we moved on yet again. Piddled about for a bit then came home for a swim before the sun went down and the Broad winged hawks come out to play, I can hear one know as I write.


Tuesday 14th February

Pictures of the Day


Happy Valentines day were the first words uttered this morning, we had managed to pick up some suitable soppy cards to exchange, went all gooey for a while then hit THE road again. We wanted to take a close up of the View from our balcony of which we have taken 1000 photo’s. It’s a nature reserve but for how long we are not sure tourist trade may take over. We found some open gates that we drove through a bit like a roller coaster with potholes but good fun. We ended at the causeway to the Island and stopped to have a walk.  Down the hill we go when we spot a sign something about no entry Helicopter operations and we could see a helipad. Well sod that, no helicopter, no one about lets go. So we did we walked up to the highest point of the Island the wind from the Atlantic was cooling it very comfortable and we stood for a while looking out to sea breathing in the clean air. Looking to the land we could see the Fox Grove far away on the hill, and waved as you do when you’re slightly mad. The sea was very rough but I haven’t seen it calm yet, I wonder what it would be like to cross it, even worse in an old wood galleon. We walked back and had some photo’s taken next to the sea on some rocks.

 We made our way back to the main road in search of a petrol station that was no problem except they had ran out of petrol. Looking at the gauge we figured we would need some petrol quite soon so we kept going and going and going. You know what it’s like when your running out of petrol you always want to put your foot down to get to the station before in runs out. Oh I forgot to tell you about the drivers over here, if there is a pothole on their side of the road they just go on to your side to avoid it. Not too bad during the day but when you have them coming straight at you at night it can be a bit disturbing.  Coming home the nigh before there were loads of people about one of the Villages had a grand marquee some kind of Christian Crusade, looks like they had lot’s of fun getting stuff from the petrol station busses and Taxi’s filling up so we knew we would get there we just hoped they had some petrol for us. YES OK plenty of petrol so we fill her up and off we go again. This time as we were so close to Casties we thought we would take the high road over Castries as we had heard there was an Art/Craft shop up there. We found it and stopped to take a look mainly loos like woodcarvings. A young lady introduced her self and showed us all around two chaps were doing the carvings the artist and his apprentice of finisher. We found out the name of the hardest wood on the Island, they could not use the wood in fact they didn‘t know that some had been replanted, they were using the roots of the Laurier Canelle tree for some of the sculptures and they were wonderful but expensive. I saw one taller than me I would have liked standing in our house but it would have cost a fortune to send it over let alone buy it. We spent some time there looking about and thought it would be nice to see some Local Artists paintings so we set off for Castries to find the Art Gallery shop. Up and down small one-way streets looking for somewhere to park at last a space. Rog wasn’t happy because all the other cars were facing the other way. Don’t worry say’s I we found a space so I dragged him to the Art shop and we spent time looking at the lovely bright colourful pictures. All a little bit out of our price range but very nice. Long walk back to the car and yes Roger was right we had gone up a one way street and had to get out quick while the street was clear……He did it my hero. The long drive home well it’s not long but don’t loose your concentration for a minute or you could come face to face with a taxi or a 2ft deep pothole or a suicide dog followed by a suicide owner. Kamikaze school children and unruly goats or crazy horses. At last back at the ranch Bounty time before we have our Valentine buffet. So I got my glad rags on and with my smart partner we made our way to the restaurant. Jean sat us inside which was a change for us and we helped ourselves to the buffet joining a queue of Valentine Revellers, it was an interesting evening. We thought there was something strange but couldn’t work out what it was, until we had finished our main course and well over half walked out for a religious meeting.  Well praise St Valentine is he a real Saint I thought it was just from the card companies. It was a bit strange but we managed to eat our way through the night plus the free red wine helped. We did manage to leave before I made a complete fool of my self. I did cause a bit of a commotion when the group returned and I shouted out there’s still some desert left. Actually  they were lucky we could have eaten it all or stole it for the next day. It was also Jasmines birthday and she didn’t  get anything for her birthday but hopefully she will when she gets back after work, she is such a happy girls 23 to day. Jean the older lady had been working hard to day as well as there was a farmer’s conference during the day so extra for lunch. The turn up for th conference was not good because the banana crop had to be got in that day to be shipped out. Not good timing or maybe it was who knows!!!

Time for bed.


Wednesday 15th February

Pictures of the Day


Horse riding to day, we were up at 6 this morning listening to the bird and watched the sun rise. We have to meet the car at Rodney Marina at 9.30 to follow to the stables. We filled the car with a change of clothes, beach stuff ext and away we went.

We were to meet the car with some other tourists at Rodney Bay Marina and follow them to the stables. We were a bit early even though it had taken us 1hr45mins to get there and got worried in case we had missed them as time passed.  We hadn’t and they turned up just two other people in a beat up Toyota corolla we all bounced our way to the stables over roads that needed 4-wheel drive. The stables were good block built and clean, the horses were brought out to us and we were introduced to Dyson our cleaner, sorry I mean our guide. He looked very cool as he threw himself on to his horses back, the prettiest horse of the bunch.  The two British girls were experienced riders and took the lead then me and Roger at the back. Dyson moved through the group but mainly stayed with Rog chatting away. The road was quite rough down to the beach it must have taken us half an hour. We passed some notices on the way down like This is Sules, Sules place and when we got to the beach there was a small hut made up as an Art gallery for Sules carvings and bits for sale. The beach was very quiet and we took it in turns to go for a canter…..gallop. Rog did really well whizzing up and down the beach but I was all over the place, it was still good fun. Dyson did a spot of showing off and then he took the saddle of one of the horses and we went in to the sea. That’s a wonderful experience and Rog took some really good photo’s you can see the horse’s legs under the water. On the way back there was a ditch we all carefully manoeuvred over  Rog was just taking his time looking at the view when Dyson in his wisdom gave Rogers horse a smack on  the bum and he flew into a gallop taking the ditch in one leap.  I don’t know how he managed to stay in the saddle, which were Australian this time and very comfortable. When we got back to the stable Dyson showed us the horses and his pride and joy a 2-year-old stallion. The horses on the Island are all quite small you see them all over the place tied to trees at the side of the road. There is a disabled chap in Mon Repos who uses his horse to get about, we see him most mornings riding near the main road. Horses, Goats and Cattle can graze anywhere on the Island regardless of who the land belongs to. Anyway back to today, what shall we do now?? Beach and swim was the first thing that came to mind so we went back to the beach we first went to near Pigeon Island and thought we would have a look at the old fort on the Island. So after a laze about we went to Island all ready for a good walk but first we stopped at the Captains Cellar Bar for a drink and some lunch we had the local dish Roti which is a mild curry of Chicken, Veg or Beef wrapped up in a chapatti type bread. We had Veg to day and it was very nice with a beer. All ready for the climb we made our way to the path up to the fort, the wind was quite high so it took the temperature down a bit which was helpful. Well worth the walk to see the view of the bay and the Atlantic coast. On the horizon we could just make out Martinique the cannons were pointing in that direction and they were in quite good condition. It was quite stony and Rog caught his toe on a sharp rock and cut it quite badly his sandal soon filled up with blood and I was a bit worried he would need a stitch. We made it back down and called into the nearest bar where we washed it and put a plaster on. On the way out we told the gate man what had happened and he insisted on redressing it but he had all the gear so I was pleased to see him put loads of different coloured concoctions to stop it from getting infected.  It was getting late so we made our way back slowly.


Thursday 16th February

Pictures of the Day

Sore toe day to day not a good idea to go hiking or on the beach, so we had another lazy day. We did some washing get some clean clothes for the Rex Hotel next week sun bathed and Rog took lot’s of photo’s of the gardens and the birds. We did a toe check in the evening and it was healing very well.

Friday 17th February


Paul and Nik should be here later to day, it’s Nik’s birthday to morrow they didn’t have any stamps at the Hotel so we got in the car and drove to Castries to deliver her birthday card. The man on the gate let us through to the reception and said when you come out don’t even look at me… ain’t seen me right.  We then drove down to Anse La Raye stopping at a restaurant called Fish and Tings where we had an early lunch, Rog has crayfish and I had Red Snapper. The people at Anse La Raye  have a fish night on Friday’s so we thought we would take a look, they were all getting ready an had a street of gift shops with tee shirts conch shells and brightly colour shirts of all sizes, I want to get a couple for the boy’s I can just see them in them. It’s a fishing village and the nets were hanging over posts. We stopped to watch some men repairing a dug out fishing boat. The people were very friendly and as they are all over the Island we won’t be staying for the party to night because it is such a long drive back to the Fox Grove from here. As we has spent all our cash on lunch we were keen to find a bank and went to Soufriere where we had an ice cream with some of the money we had just drawn out. We had seen a place called TI Kaye village resort and had noticed that it had a dive shop, we have been trying to get a mask and snorkel but they are so expensive. The resort was very nice it had a lovely open reading room over looking the sea. The beach was at the bottom of the hill as was the shop so we walk down to find that they only rented out the stuff. Still not quite sure Rog should get that foot in the water so we made our way back up to the top of the hill and moved on. This time we went towards the Jalousie Plantation which us another resort in between the Pitons. It’s one of the most expensive resorts on the Island, it is an old house which is used for pampering purposes now and the rest of the land has lots of little houses for rent a bit like a posh Pontins!! We had parked the car and they asked us if we wanted the shuttle to take us down but we said no and walked it was a steep walk but not too  bad we went passed the pool to the bar and got a drink to take on the beach. We found a couple of lounge chairs and settled in for a sunbathe, the bloke on the lounge seat next to us came from Lincolnshire his wife was being pampered and he was getting slowly drunk. We didn’t realise it was getting late and I wanted to take a swim in this bay between the Gros Piton and the Petit Piton. I had a swim and Rog had a paddle we used the facilities to get changed and caught the shuttle back to the car park. As we drove back through Viex Fort we saw the Virgin Air plane and wondered if it was Paul and Nik’s……Another lovely day in Paradise.



Saturday 18th February

Pictures of the Day

Time is going so quickly. Paul and Nik had quite a trip they didn’t get to the Hotel until 8pm on Friday so they must be shattered. They have lots of sorting out to do today and tomorrow. We hope to see them later tomorrow. We saw some local wine for sale at the side of the road, so we stopped to buy a bottle and ended up sampling his whole stock. We tasted sugar cane wine, tamarind wine, banana wine (got a bottle of that one) guava wine and some sugar cane syrup (got one of those). It must have been the wine that had clouded my judgement but I suggested we take a look at a place called Aucpiton  I had seen a sign saying welcome to Aucpiton . We took a right turn off the main road passed houses and banana trees the road just kept going on and on until it look like the moons surface 4 wheel drive again and no where to turn. Up we went on a ridge with steep fall on both sides, go on or try to back up. It was bad enough driving along this road so backing up was not an option. Then there were no more bananas and grass was growing on the small roadway. Then we saw a group of houses and a bridge there were some women washing their clothes in the river and a little one having a play. They all waved and we asked a young man if the road went anywhere, he told us it came out in Soufriere the other side of the Island. Ah a shortcut we thought so we carried on and on up and down through the rain forest a few times we thought the road had come to an end then it would start again. We saw a couple of men walking carrying their machetes; most of the men have machetes. They told us to just keep going straight we tried but the road broke in two a few times and we could only hope we had picked the right road. Then we saw a bus and all was saved the road started to improve and we soon found ourselves back on the main road, so we searched for a beach and went to Laborie to the Rudy John beach. That was where we stayed all day swimming. I had taken my goggles so Rog had a great time watching the fish. We had steak in the Restaurant and Franz bought us a drink….time for bed.

 Sunday 19th February

Pictures of the Day


The weather is improving we had rain during the night but the days have been hot and dry. Roger is looking out for the Hawk we can hear him singing it’s getting quite late for us, we thought we would try and get some people pictures to day. Hopefully we will see Paul and Nik this afternoon. Well I spoke too soon the rain came in just as we were leaving the house to go to Castries, to meet up with the happy couple. Usual bouncy drive but the roads were quiet with it being a Sunday almost everything is closed. We arrived at the Sandals Resort at about 12.30 and there they were waiting for us. We had to catch the shuttle bus to their area of the resort, which has it’s own pool with swim up to bar and a huge Jacuzzi. The room is very classy with dark wooden furniture a double king size four-poster bed and a private whirlpool bath. The view from the balcony is of the Caribbean Sea. We had a drink and then we all went for a drive around the island. We saw Marigot bay, Soufriere, had a bite to eat at the Reef in Vieux Fort and then showed them our place where we had a drink . It was getting quite late so we set off back to La Toc passed Dennery . We managed to get back in time to have some pasta at the restaurant and then crashed.



Monday 20th February

Fox Grove - Rex Papillion

 Pictures of the Day

This is our last day at the Fox Grove I feel quite sad as this has been our home for the passed three weeks and we have had some fantastic times here. We are not sure what to do to day and this may be may be our last entry for a while as we are not sure there will be internet access at the Rex Hotel for up loading…… anyway we hope you’ve enjoyed it and we will see you all next week.


Tuesday 21st February

Wednesday 22nd February

Pictures of the Day



Thursday 23rd February

The Big Day

The Wedding of Paul(William(Bill)) Welham and Nichola @ Sandals La Toc St Lucia

Pictures of the Day


Friday 24th February 

Saturday 25th February

Pictures of the Day

Sunday 26th February

Pictures of the Day

Monday 27th February

Tuesday 28th February

Wednesday 1st March

Landed in the UK at 6.13 am I was right -3 and snowing


Write up delay due to reception and inclusive bars etc




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